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This is an online book store with only one type of product: ebook (epub) versions of the Statutes and Regulations of Canada and Ontario. We  have 17,895 individual documents as of the end of 2021. You can purchase the ones you need, download them to your smart devices, and then have them   available where you need them, when you need them, on any of your devices.

Mandamus Publishing Inc. is a private Ontario corporation, founded to provide ebook digital versions of the Statutes and Regulations. In a digital world, we expect that primary reference  materials will be available any where and at any time and on our own smart devices. It is not just lawyers and paralegals, but also accountants, architects, engineers, HR personnel, insurance personnel and securities professionals who need and use these materials every day. Until now these materials were not available in any ebook form.  There was no good reason why these documents were not available in a digital format.

It started with the idea of creating an ebook of the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Small Claims Rules and a few other books. It soon became apparent that the steps required to turn any single one file into an ebook, applied just as easily to a folder full of files. Downloading all of the files turned out to be more difficult than preparing an ebook from them. Standardizing and correcting the coding was merely time-consuming.

The corporation and this web-site are the result. And rather than just one or two or a dozen ebooks, this web-site now gives you instant access to any one of our 17,895 ebooks. 

There are literally hundreds of Regulations which of are specific interest to only a very few people. So why did we go to the trouble of creating ebooks of each and every one of the statutes and regulations?

Because we can, and no-one else does.

  ALL of the Statutes, ALL of the Regulations.

ALL of Canada, ALL of Ontario.

17,895 individual ebooks with more to follow.

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The Statutes and Regulations are available online from the government websites using browser access. We make these books from those texts. But you will always need internet access. And so far, none of Ontario's courtrooms have wife. The html files are not in a page like format and require near endless scrolling. There are no navigational links to make them easy to navigate. Scrolling is not easy on a tablet or smartphone. An html file can be searched but cannot be 'bookmarked' during use, nor annotated. 

PDF files are effectively a packaged sequence of fixed page images. You cannot change the font size. Unless carefully produced, they are not searchable. Making a searchable pdf doubles the size of the file as there are both the page image and the text in the file. Generally, pdf files cannot be 'bookmarked' nor annotated. 

Ebooks combine the best characteristics of both formats. Documents are displayed in a page-oriented view but the font size may be changed at any time and the page is adjusted automatically. With the correct software, ebooks can be searched, bookmarked and annotated during use. Ebooks can have and use internal links such as we see everywhere on the web making navigation easy.

Mandamus adds anchors and links throughout the text (which are not in the on-line version) to make it easy to move around in the document. If the document has a static Table of Contents, we turn it into an active, linked Table of Contents. We create an In//www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements-coenzyme-q10/art-20362602dex of Section Numbers and Tables and Schedules at the end of the document, linking back into the body. In the body, at each section, we insert links for quick access back to the Table of Contents, to Section 1 or to the Index. This document itself has those features: the inter-section links and the section Index at the end. Please try them out. It is these features which make ebooks efficiently usable. Mandamus is the only ebook publisher offering ebooks, and which have these features which make navigation efficient. We also offer a free sample book (Available from the front page) so you can test your hardware, sample the software,  and demonstrate for yourself the capabilities of our ebooks.

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Any reasonable new smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer can do this. Dedicated ebo//www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements-coenzyme-q10/art-20362602ok readers such as a Kindle,Sony, Kobo, Nook or other reader may not work, or may provide reduced capabilities. If you are considering buying a tablet, you should buy a platform which is not restricted in its capabilities. This means an Android tablet or an Apple Ipad.

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There is a plethora of ebook reader software available for all of the major platforms for free. But not all programs completely and properly render ebooks. You may find some older programs cannot handle the internal links and anchors. Most programs cannot render tables properly, although otherwise they do a respectable job with the rest of the text. But there are some programs that do everything for FREE. Each program has its own interface for handling the library and you may like or dislike the program for that reason. All of those mentioned below have the capability of directly opening email attachments and storing the attachment in its ebook library.

4.1  Apple Ipad

If you have a document which uses a lot of tables, there is at present only one program to choose.

Marvin3 is the only presently available program which properly renders tables.  The Building Code, for instance has over 300 separate (and important) tables.  We find that the library interface is a little is clunky, but it works.

Kybook3 and Stanza have be en around for some time.  Both can handle small tables, but can become confused. FbReader has the most polished and easily understood library interface, and is excellent for a handling a large library but it cannot in any way deal with tables. A table comes out as a long list of cell contents, one cell per line. Since only a small minority of documents have tables, any of these may be acceptable. All can be downloaded for free from the App Store. And since all of them are free, you can install multiple programs, using Marvin3 for table rendering and fbReader for everything else.

4.2  Android

eBoox:reader is the only presently available Android program which properly renders tables. The library interface is odd. You open the attachment ebook from the email and it is listed under 'Books' in the program. But you then have to add it to a 'Shelf' before you can read it. This structure is not as easy or clear as that used in FbReader for example. But it does work, and if your particular documents have tables, this is basically what you must use.

All of FbReader, Lithium, Moon+Reader and ReadEra are perfectly competent ebook reader programs but none of them handle tables correctly. All of them are available for free at the Play Store. fbReader has the most east to use library interface and is my favourite for general reading. fbReader (among others) provides for annotations (individualized bookmarks). Unfortunately eBoox:reader does not have this capability.

4.3  Laptops and desktops: Calibre and Sigil

Calibre is actually a suite of programs dedicated to dealing with ebooks. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is intended for ebook production, but the stand-alone executable program, ebook-viewer or ebook-viewer.exe makes it worth downloading the whole suite even if the other capabilities are never used. Calibre allows separate librari es to be created, so that ebooks of various kinds can be segregated. It handles tables without any problem and is the best-of-class for use on the desktop.

FrReader is also available for Windows and Mac. It is basically a straight port of the Android and iOS apps. The source code is available for building in linux. As noted it does not handle tables.

Sigil is a standalone ebook reader program and ebook editor, available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Executable binaries are available for Windows and Mac. Some Linux distributions have pre-compiled binaries available in their repositories, otherwise is can be built from the source code. Sigil is a very capable program.

4.4  Kindle, Nook and Other E-readers

The built-in ebook reader software in a hardware Kindle, and in the Kindle App for iPads and iPhones is usable with these ebooks although the capability to handle tables is not known. Email delivery is made through the personalized email address at kindle.com, rather than through your usual email address. We have no experience with the Nook or other e-readers. We can create the .mobi files by special order but we are not sure that the display will be correct or that delivery will be easy.  Note that it is po ssible to install android (and even linux) on some of the Kindle Fire tablets. 

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Calibre has support for separate libraries of ebooks and can be customized to show or hide information about the ebooks in the library. Marvin3, and eBoox each allow the user to sort ebooks into different sections. Stanza and fbreader have built-in library handling code. There is no real limit on storage capacity with any of these programs except possibly storage capacity. Note however that storing all available epubs takes only 2.0 Gigabytes of storage.

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In the case of Acts and Regulations of the Government of Canada, copyright is held by the Queen's Printer for Canada. These ebooks are published by Mandamus Publishing pursuant to the Reproduction of Federal Law Order, SI-97-5 which states:

        • "Anyone may, without charge or request for permission, reproduce enactments and consolidations of enactments ofthe Government of Canada, and decisions and reasons for decisions of federally-constituted courts and administrative tribunals, provided due diligence is exercised in ensuring the accuracy of the materials reproduced and the reproduction is not represented as an official version."

In the case of Acts and Regulations of the Province of Ontario, copyright is held by the Queen's Printer for Ontario. These ebooks are published by Mandamus Publishing pursuant to the policy of the Queen's Printer which states in part:

        • "The Queen's Printer for Ontario holds copyright in Ontario statutes, regulations and judicial decisions. The Queen's Printer permits any person to reproduce the text and images contained in the statutes, regulations and judicial decisions without seeking permission and without charge. The legal materials must be reproduced accurately, and Crown copyright in the legal materials must be acknowledged.."

All ebooks published by Mandamus Publishing are Copyright © by Mandamus Publishing 2021 or its licensors in respect of all products in respect of the additions, amendments and deletions to the html text files and in respect of the navigational features introduced into the texts of the Statutes and Regulations. Reproduction in whole or in part of any ebook, regardless of publishing format, is strictly prohibited except as set out herein. Purchasers are allowed to copy and store multiple copies of any ebook purchased by them, on their own personal electronic devices, which may include multiple computers, tablets or smartphones, but are not entitled to reproduce any ebook or transmit any ebook in any form or by any means to any other person, except that,  notwithstanding the foregoing, there is no restriction on the printing of the content of any ebook or portion thereof, and the provision of the printed version to any person.

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At the moment, ebooks are available in epub format which is the standard for Apple and Android devices. If you are interested in obtaining documents in mobi or another format, please contact us for personalized service: info@mandamus.ca. Some quick testing has shown that we can produce workable mobi format documents for use on the Kindle platform, but we have not tested large files, such as the Criminal Code, the Income Tax Act or the Building Code. Any capability to handle tables is not known.

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We attempt to ensure that the ebooks contain all of the legal text and expected features, but given the nature of the computerized transcoding process, and the variety of formatting used in the regulations, it is quite possible that some ebooks will get produced with improper formatting. Much less likely, but possible is that some text is omitted. If you find one of these files, please let us know. We will do our best to promptly fix the problem and we will replace your ebook free of charge.

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All the 'legal stuff' is in the Terms and Conditions page (q.v).


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